Sort home security before you holiday

It’s finally that time of year and some of you will be getting excited about your summer holidays! It is however always important to make sure your house is secure when you leave for your trip as burglars will always notice the tell-tale signs of an empty property.
Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves and take place when the house is empty. Post piling up on the floor close to the front door, weekly newspapers and post left hanging out the letter box, curtains not pulled at night with no lights showing and no noise emanating from a home, are just a few of the signs that tell a burglar no one’s home.
Taking just a few steps can make a big difference in keeping your home safe from burglary.
Here are a few tips:
• Lock your doors, gates and windows.
• Hide all keys, including car keys, out of sight.
• If your home is fitted with a burglar alarm – use it – but remember to tell someone you trust how to disarm it should they need to do so for an emergency.
• Cancel newspaper and milk deliveries.
• Install good outside lighting
• Leave radios or lights in your house on a timer.
• Make sure the fences around your garden are in good condition.
• Store valuable items (including passports, driving licenses and bank statements) out of view.
• Hide cash and wallets away
• Secure bikes at home by locking them to an immoveable object inside a locked shed or garage.
• Keep ladders and tools stored away; don't leave them outside where they could be used to break into your home
• Get a trusted neighbour to check your property when you are away over a long period of time and ask them to remove all mail from the door so it does not pile up on the floor.
• Do not put that you are going on holiday on your facebook/twitter account.
Remember, to Smartwater your valuables in case you do fall prey to a burglar, and register mobile phones, MP3 players and other electrical equipment free on the National Phone Register.
For more information on keeping your home safe from burglars why not take a look at the Bedfordshire Police website.

Posted on: 01/08/2012