Leighton Middle School


The pursuit of ‘personal excellence’ is at the centre of our aims and ethos at Leighton Middle School. As staff, we aim for the highest standards in teaching and care and we encourage our children to strive for the satisfaction of always being able to say ‘I did my best’. Teaching and learning are central to our purpose and our greatest strength. Our pupils’ attitude to work is good and all of us on the staff are proud of what the school has achieved. 

We have the benefit of buildings and grounds that are unequalled in Leighton/Linslade for historic interest and natural beauty. They provide a pleasant environment for the children's learning. Within this setting we foster an orderly community with high expectations of behaviour.

Over 470 children attend the school. They come from a wide area, including the town and several villages. They may transfer to us from one of a number of Bedfordshire Lower Schools. In addition, pupils also come to us from across the border in Buckinghamshire.

We offer a wide curriculum which extends the most able pupils and supports the least. Our numerous extra-curricular activities provide even further opportunities for children to develop their skills, knowledge and creativity.

Above all else, we recognise that a child’s progress and happiness are more likely to be achieved when parents and teachers share common aims. Working together, we help children to gain the self-esteem that comes from achieving ‘personal excellence’. We hope to make our children’s years at Leighton Middle School ones to be remembered.


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