Brooklands Middle School


Brooklands Middle is one of the four 9-13 Middle Schools serving Leighton Buzzard. In the three tier system which operates in Bedfordshire, the Middle School is seen as an important and integral part of a child's education. By the time a child joins us at the age of 9 their basic skills of Numeracy and Literacy should be well established.

It is our task to develop these skills further and allow each child to acquire new knowledge and deepen their understanding so that when they leave us and transfer to their Upper School they are fully prepared to complete their final stage of compulsory education.

Moving from the more familiar, and often smaller, Lower School it is our task to ensure that each individual child quickly becomes established in their new surroundings and rapidly develops into a confident independent learner. We do this by attempting to provide a caring, safe, secure, happy and protective environment in which each child can develop.

We offer the following rooms to hire (contact us for more details):

  • Drama Room - Includes recording Studio and three additional rooms - £12.50/hour
  • Conference room - Seats up to 12 - £12.50/hour
  • Main Hall - £20/hour
  • Gym - £20/hour


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