We are a nurturing community, supporting all of our children through the first stages in their school education. Our dedicated team of staff help children to achieve their full potential, whilst ensuring they gain a real pleasure in learning.

We introduced a pre-school onto the site in September 2007 which invites children from two and a half. This is an excellent way of supporting young children’s development, in a stimulating environment, through exciting play-based learning. As children turn four they progress into the adjacent classroom and enter the main body of the school as nursery and then reception children. Although children are introduced to more formal elements of the curriculum, such as writing and maths, they are still encouraged to learn and discover through play.

To ensure that all of our children are engaged in their learning we offer a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. Whether it is performing in the drama studio, caring for the goats on the school farm or traversing the climbing wall, we ensure that learning happens everywhere, and that it is fun. The achievements made by the children at The Mary Bassett Lower School reflect the supportive, motivational environment we create for them. We are passionate about making education exciting and stimulating.

For everyone at our school every child matters and every child is an individual!


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