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The topic of violent weapon crime committed by groups of young people is no new phenomenon. Crime involving weapons transcends deeper than ethnicity and occurs across all races, with neighbourhood poverty and unemployment being the underlying causes.

The Non Violence Alliance have been campaigning for safer streets and neigbourhoods in our community since 2008. The N.V.A (Non Violence Alliance) is currently seeking discussions with local government bodies, community and voluntary organisations, to support this project which affects us all.

We need to identify local needs and develop the appropriate assistance. Aiming to be another link between the voluntary and community sector, also the relevant government organisations. Also to develop a bond and establish trust and respect for the community it serves, as well as improving information sharing developing good communication for all concerned.

Our objectives are to raise awareness to our youths about the dangers of being involved in knife, gun and gang crime, also to help those who feel vulnerable and those who feel trapped within a negative gang culture and are looking for a positive direction in their lives.

We hope to promote a way of how to be safe and stay away from gun, knife and gang violence, to schools and colleges with the support of local public bodies. We feel that the government at all levels should help to promote a positive image of young people.

Our aim is to give young people who may be involved or exposed to gangs a positive and creative attitude and outlook to life in a safe and healthy environment.

We will hope to find ways and solutions for children who are excluded from schools seeking out apprentaships training and employment opportunities for them.

Finding solutions to direct mislead young people away from crime is also paramount, which can be done by involving families (parents, children, relatives), as well as assistance and cooperation from a diverse range of local representatives, who are able to engage youth in a flexible way.

We as responsible adults should use a practical, sensitive common sense approaches when dealing with young people as not to undermine them or be seen to be out of touch. We realize that youth gang culture has changed over the past years and is still evolving due to the influx of migrants, which has turned us into our diverse multicultural society. Some of these migrants who once lived and even fought in war torn countries from an early age as 9yrs old have seen or themselves been involved in extreme forms of violence, torture, rape and even murder. Understanding there past to require knowledge into their background is key to developing life skills on how they can adjust and adapt to fit into a more settling peaceful way of life.

TNVA are seeking and need the support of people from all walks of life in our towns and communities who are concerned to care enough to form an alliance with us, to back our campaign against people and gangs whose only way to resolve their issues is through senseless and needless, violence which unfortunately disturbs and effects the balance of harmony in our environment where we live.

The time has come for action now for us all to make an impact the more we are divided the harder it will be in the long run to take back our streets we will try to tackle this issue.

We would appreciate hearing from anyone who wishes to express their views and comments or to give and show support for our campaign in the prevention of violence can contact us: 07748635945


yes you have my support its about time someone did something

great idea, about time something needs to be done you get my support

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