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Who are we?

Lloydspharmacy is a leading community pharmacy and healthcare provider with over 1,650 pharmacies across the UK, mainly in community and health centre locations. We employ around 17,000 staff and dispense over 150 million prescription items every year.

What do we do?

Lloydspharmacy is committed to ‘healthcare for life’ and our vision is to be a great healthcare brand.

Our customers are our main focus and we endeavour to provide them with exceptional service and healthcare. Accessibly located within the heart of communities, our local pharmacies are right on the doorstep and strive to be the first choice for customer needs.

We are much more than a dispenser of medicines. Prevention, management and treatment are at the very core of our business, and we aim to deliver high quality outcomes for chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart health, and to support local communities in making informed health decisions.

Through our pharmacies and website, Lloydspharmacy offers high quality healthcare products and services. We've also launched a range of innovative and affordable products aimed at improving community health, such as blood pressure monitors and allergy relievers, along with a suite of convenient professional health check services, including free blood pressure and diabetes testing, and cholesterol and heart checks - all carried out in the comfort of a private consultation room.

A key partner of the NHS, we also work closely with local healthcare providers to develop and deliver commissioned services to address specific health needs within communities.

Key Lloydspharmacy facts


  • In 2010 Lloydspharmacy had a turnover of £1.8 billion
  • We dispensed over 150 million prescription items
  • We offer more private consultation areas than any other pharmacy –they're currently available in 97% of our pharmacies
  • We have 440 GP-practice-based pharmacies, with many others located close to doctors' practices
  • Our pharmacy teams have completed over 1.3 million free Type 2 diabetes screening tests and 1.7 million blood pressure tests




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